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Logo 30 years of SKN

SKN Tuning - we make the difference

Since 1990, SKN Tuning has been the guarantor for professional chip tuning with quality and reliability thanks to decades of experience! 

Awarded in 2019 as one of the best top 10 independent workshops in Germany. Here everything revolves around the customer and his vehicle. As a pioneer and multi-brand tuner, SKN Tuning GmbH (Group) is one of the most renowned and experienced companies in the industry with its worldwide distribution partners!

Since SKN Tuning GmbH was founded in 1990, the company has been managed by Ralf Nissel with a great deal of entrepreneurial foresight, commitment and enthusiasm. As a pioneer and doer from the very beginning, Ralf Nissel has significantly shaped the corporate philosophy and thus the everyday life of SKN. It is our basic attitude, which shapes our daily actions and with which we work passionately in the service of our customers.



Two routes - one destination! Which way is the right one, so that I experience more power, more torque and more driving fun? What are the differences?

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CHIP Tuning - what should I put attention on?

We offer the perfect tuning solution that is specifically tailored to your needs and wishes. That's something you can rely on...

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CHIP tuning -
why possible?

We explain the operation of the CHIP tuning. As power and torque increase and why it does not the manufacturer ... 

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Only one goal - Your satisfaction

For you, we want to improve every day to offer you the most suitable product. SKN has the most comprehensive program in the global tuning market. All products are distinguished by their outstanding manufacturing quality, professionalism and precision. In SKN is quality first - whether in cooperation with technology partners, the development and production or customer service. Naturally, we comply with all legal requirements, moving within the tolerances and consider global parameters and variables.

SKN gives you security and enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. We are always there for you and advise you best. We offer you the perfect solution that is specifically tailored to your needs and wishes.

We help our clients, your tuning visions perfectly implement. Therefore, we listen to our customers well, to understand their situation IS, their goals and desires. Whether in the SKN headquarters or in the connected SKN branches, our customers and partners throughout the world are managed by a highly motivated, competent and reliable team. We advise and support our customers as partners in all phases of tuning and develop innovative, customized solutions.

  • Chiptuning - POWER Software

    Chiptuning - POWER Software

    SKN offers several solutions for individual performance enhancement of your vehicle. Thus SKN has the right solution to fulfill your desire for even more driving pleasure.

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  • Chiptuning - POWER hardware

    Chiptuning - POWER hardware

    Intelligent Power Unit (IPU): improved performance by individually programmable plug & play hardware tuning (IPU - Intelligent Power Unit). Worldwide the first ...

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  • Chiptuning - ECO75 Software

    Chiptuning - ECO75 Software

    No more compromises! Gone are the days of the balancing act between sporty and ecological driving. ECO 75 Tuning - the original SKN offers both ...

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  • Chiptuning - ECO Software

    Chiptuning - ECO Software

    ECO Tuning the inventor. In 2005 the vision was, rather, by Chip tuning to save by ECO Tuning Fuel reality. SKN developed ...

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  • 2000 PS dynamometer

    2000 PS dynamometer

    Unique - 2000 hp all-wheel dynamometer to 400km / h. SKN sets new standards in 2010 Tuning - industry with the TÜV certified ...

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  • Tuning products

    Tuning products

    The SKN product portfolio includes everything the tuning pulse racing. Performance for motor and brake, precision and stability in the chassis, everything ...

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  • Tuning Equipment from PROFI

    Tuning Equipment from PROFI

    SKN offers home users / Motorsport Clubs / racing teams and tuners professional tuning equipment & software from a single source. Software made in Germany ...

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  • Workshop


    All Around the car - quality at fair prices - competent from person to person. Just have a look in our modern German workshops ...

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  • VIP Tuning CLUB - Lounge Area

    VIP Tuning CLUB - Lounge Area

    King or emperor - SKN in the VIP Club you feel in good hands. Take advantage of VIP benefits, looking for their peers. Immerse yourself in the world ...

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  • Driving courses

    Driving courses

    Gentlemen, start your engines. Go to the start of a race track, the challenges of the most demanding circuits in the world ...

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  • Actions & Bargains

    Actions & Bargains

    Secure today the lucrative discounts of tomorrow. Always the other one step ahead. Activate the SKN newsletter and save on every purchase ...

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