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Adaptation Lambda probe

Lambda and Tuning

Oxygen sensors are mainly used in petrol and diesel engines, but they are also used in the exhaust systems of pellet or gas heaters are used. The Lamda probe is favored in gasoline engines in the exhaust manifold or on the rearCollector tube installed. For vehicles /

Engines who want to meet higher emission standards (eg EURO 5), multiple probes are mostly used (see also the concept monitor probe). For motors with V cylinder arrangement usually each a Lamdbasensor per cylinder bank are installed. In art engines, with selective cylinder deactivation, even each have a sensor on each cylinder are installed.

If the emission of nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbon or soot regulated / controlled, then comes mostly a lambda probe used. The oxygen sensor is in catalyzing emission so that the main sensor in the control circuit (regulated catalyst).

Motorsport catalysts

Come in tune racing or motor sport exhaust systems are used, then these contain very often a so-called sport catalyst (often with 100 / 200 cells). After installing powerful sports catalysts necessarily a calibration of Lamda control in engine control unit should be. The experts from SKN can provide you with such an adjustment / calibration as part of a chip tuning. So you can be sure that the exhaust gas purifying working again without errors after successful programming and exhaust tray served its purpose.

Functioning of the lambda probe

The operation of a lambda probe (λ probe) is relatively simple. The probe simply compares the residual oxygen content in the exhaust gas with the oxygen content of the current ambient air. From this a so-called air-fuel ratio can be determined and adjusted. The combustion ratio is the ratio of combustion air to fuel. The lambda probe can thus the gasoline-air mixture enriched (more fuel) or lose weight (less fuel).

SKN Technology Partner

  • Milltek Sport 122x
  • Bull x 122x
  • ArtForm 122x
  • Capristo 122x
  • AEZ 122x
  • HJS 122x
  • Pro alloy122x
  • H & R 122x
  • IPE 122x
  • Sachs 122x
  • Super Sprint 122x
  • Eibach 122x
  • Advanti 122x
  • Alutec 122x
  • Öhlins 122x
  • Autec 122x
  • Brock 122x
  • Fox 122x
  • Pipercross 122x
  • Milltek Classic 122x
  • Wagner tuning 122x
  • KW suspension 122x
  • Akrapovic 122x
  • Forge Motorsport 122x
  • BMC 122x
  • K & N 122x
  • Bilstein 122x
  • Borbet 122x
  • ATS 122x
  • Koni 122x
  • BBS 122x
  • ASA wheels 122x

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