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Turbo Compressor & Kits

For each engine the "right upgrade"

Before our engineers an engine prescribe the forced ventilation, is once analyzed whether a turbo upgrade or maybe a compressor upgrade gives the best results (Turbo Compressor = & Engine Charging). Motor characteristics play a serious role. If it is a high-speed unit or already owns the series variant might charging by turbo or supercharger. Maximum power output, power delivery, durability and the price & performance ratio are factors that are considered to potentiate to the driving pleasure.

The engine charge is used to enhance the performance and efficiency of combustion engines by supplying compressed air. Compressed air increases the degree of filling, so that more air is available for combustion of the fuel available. In each cycle thus their work is increased.

Turbo Upgrade Kit | turbocharger

Turbocharger are nowadays most often to improve performance and efficiency installed (downsizing). In a turbocharger turbine directly drives a compressor. Turbine wheel and compressor wheel are here fixedly connected via a shaft and form the so-called rotor assembly. The housing of the turbine sits here directly in the exhaust stream and the engine exhaust outlet idialerweise close. The compressor housing is isolated from the exhaust stream. The on the turbine-driven compressor compresses the charge air in the fresh air intake duct of the engine. Thus, the residual energy of the exhaust gases for an improved and kompromierte intake air is used. Thus, the efficiency of the engine increases.

More performance and reliability at an excellent price-performance ratio and minimal maintenance are the main advantages of SKN Turbo Kits. The components used by SKN and the resulting motor coordination are tested under extreme conditions in driving tests and on the chassis dynamometer. The Turbo Kits are cooled to 99% charge air and are therefore not only the most reliable and most powerful systems in the market. A plug and play design, our systems aresimple and inexpensive to install.

We supply turbocharger leading manufacturers (KKK, Garrett, Honeywell, BorgWarner uva.) In the fields of OEM, motorsport and tuning. All turbochargers are tested and proved loaders from the engine or motor racing, come new and original from the manufacturer. We ran no cheap replicas of turbos with inferior quality! SKN Plug & Play Turbo Upgrade kits are available for nearly all engines, brands and manufacturers. Developed in Germany kits outfitted with power, quality and stability. Direct from SKN special modifications, Turbo optimization and the corresponding hardware and software adjustments INHOUSE be developed. This gives you the certainty that everything works as it would with SKN.

Compressor Upgrade Kit | mechanical supercharger

Compressors (mechanical supercharger) are driven directly by the engine via a chain, belt or gear transmission. Unlike the turbo compressors (eng. Supercharger) thus operated mechanically and not as the turbo on an exhaust stream. Thus, compressor-powered engines also have another line unfolding as turbo engines. The charging means of compressor rises above the speed steadily linear, making for high speed - Genset perfectly suited. The turbo typical noticeable higher performance (Turbo-Kick) above a certain speed of eg 2000 U / min is not felt in the supercharging. Here, the performance unfolds homogeneous.

Essentially, we distinguish between compressor systems such as the screw compressor, which is often installed directly into the intake manifold and compressors that are integrated into the belt drive and mostly sitting in front of or next to the engine block. Compressors are characterized by a simple structure, small size, low mass, uniform delivery, smooth running and lack of oscillating masses. This results in reducing costs, minimizing the maintenance costs and increasing efficiency.

Our compressor kits are available in various configurations. Depending on the power output, additional modifications to the engine to be made more or less. So at some compressor kit, the exhaust system, connecting rods, pistons, injection or charge air cooler to be replaced or reinstalled. Thus, the compressor upgrade kits work perfectly and have absolute practicality, our kits are both hardware as well as software-tuned in detail.

SKN Technology Partner

  • Milltek Sport 122x
  • Eibach 122x
  • Pipercross 122x
  • AEZ 122x
  • Bull x 122x
  • ATS 122x
  • Sachs 122x
  • Akrapovic 122x
  • K & N 122x
  • KW suspension 122x
  • Capristo 122x
  • Borbet 122x
  • Alutec 122x
  • Koni 122x
  • Super Sprint 122x
  • Öhlins 122x
  • Autec 122x
  • Milltek Classic 122x
  • ASA wheels 122x
  • HJS 122x
  • H & R 122x
  • Fox 122x
  • BBS 122x
  • Forge Motorsport 122x
  • ArtForm 122x
  • IPE 122x
  • Pro alloy122x
  • Wagner tuning 122x
  • BMC 122x
  • Bilstein 122x
  • Brock 122x
  • Advanti 122x

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