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Development in Detail

Experience is irreplaceable as through experience

To understand CHIP Tuning and developing methods of SKN se, one should know the function of an engine broadly.

Since the 90er years so-called engine control units (also called ECU = Engine Control Unit) in the engines built (then as BOSCH Motronic). These control units had initially only simple functions. Thus, only the distributor has been replaced by the control apparatus in the start time. The spark plug now got your command to fire on the controller and no longer mechanically via the distributor rotor. Later, other functions such as the fuel quantity, the injection timing were passed via signal to the injectors. Today, of course, is much more complex.

What is a ECU / engine control unit

Highly integrated circuits, SMD components, fiber optics, ABS & ESP systems, piezo injectors, sensors and security systems - these are all the everyday components of modern automobiles. The engine control unit is becoming increasingly important in this context. All data of the engine compartment and all results of the probe and sensors (input values), and brought together and evaluated the passenger signals. In depending on engine data supplied by sensors and sensors (eg speed, boost pressure, throttle position, Lambda values ​​...), these values ​​"just in time" analyzed, evaluated and converted into commands!This ensures that the optimum injection amount and the effective ignition of the engine and the respective components are passed.

So is processed in consideration of weather, temperature, oil pressure and air a plurality of input values, and then the right outputs (injection quantity, ignition timing, fuel mixture, boost pressure, etc. For a certain speed in a certain passage, at a certain accelerator pedal position, with appropriate fuel quality pass.) to the motor. In summary, one can say that controls the control unit (ECU) all operations in and around the motor and controls! Within the engine control unit operates a firmly established program and controls all the processes in the engine. The optimization and adaptation of this controller - program is the technical Chip tuning (also known as: performance optimization, performance improvement, mapping, software - optimization, map - optimization, OBD tuning, ECU tuning, tuning boxes).

Digital Tuning: Why possible?

The engine control unit is responsible for the entire engine management. It controls, controls all important functions of an engine.
Because a vehicle is built globally today, must accept the fuel in South America as well as the African heat or the cold of Siberia, are built large tolerances and reserves in accordance with engine! Because a facelift is not equal to a completely new engine is developed, but already corresponding PS reserves are rescheduled at here at the initial development, these are broke and can also be used effectively.

SKN uses the reserves & Tolerances responsibly and compensates for the engine to the respective regional circumstances and conditions. The engine operates by optimizing effective and efficient. The efficiency of the motor is improved thereby. The yield of energy per liter of fuel consumed increases, which increases the efficiency considerably.

The Performance Optimizer

All software Tuning variants are using the latest development tools and on our own "state of the art" dynamometer (4x4 / 2000 PS / 400 km / h) optimized by our engineers and technicians depending on load and speed as regards torque curve, power delivery and consumption. Longevity and full load safety are guaranteed, as the requirements are stipulated by the legislator emission values. Thus, the TÜV registration is merely a formality.

The objectives of the SKN chip tuning are a better response, a progressive power delivery, higher torque and more power in all speed ranges. The optimal tuning is often through a DSG adjustment, V-max increase or an adjustment of the gear selective rev extended (DSG adjustment = minimum shift duration / V max cancellation = cancellation of the manufacturer's speed limiter / rev = adaptation and expansion of the available speed range) , The life and everyday practicality are at the custom chip tuning optimization as little affected as the production engine.

As an alternative to Leistungssteierung there are also software variants that reduce the consumption of the engine. Very well known is the global non ECO Tuning. This primarily aims at the optimization of consumption and guarantees at lower to medium speeds increased torque and improved performance. There are, depending on the application and vehicle type, fuel savings of up to 20% achieved. For more information on ECO Tuning, refer to the homepage of the world leader ecotuning

As Chiptuning innovator and as ECO tuning of (brand rights holders) SKN has the know-how to create a product that connects both worlds. ECO Tuning 75 combines the economy of the ECO Tuning with the performance characteristics of the chip tuning. Only in SKN get two products for the price of one. Until 75% throttle position you save fuel, moreover, enjoy the new power delivery with better driving dynamics.


Customer Benefits

The following advantages arise in individual performance optimization (Chip Tuning / ECO75 Tuning):

  • CHIP / ECO75 tuning increases engine power and torque of up to 30%
  • CHIP / ECO75 tuning for even more driving fun, agility and dynamism
  • CHIP / ECO75 tuning improves the response and the passage
  • CHIP / ECO75 tuning improves the speed (V max) and acceleration
  • CHIP / ECO75 Tuningsenk the number of switching operations and the wear
  • CHIP / ECO75 tuning means driving in higher gears at low speed
  • CHIP / ECO75 tuning means more force (torque) at low rpm
  • CHIP / ECO75 tuning improves efficiency

CHIP / ECO75 tuning is to use (biodiesel, natural gas, liquid petroleum gas) and the use of alternative fuels. There may be slight variations in performance gains, since different fuels have different fuel & energy values.

SKN Technology Partner

  • ASA wheels 122x
  • ArtForm 122x
  • HJS 122x
  • Koni 122x
  • Pro alloy122x
  • Borbet 122x
  • IPE 122x
  • Eibach 122x
  • Alutec 122x
  • BMC 122x
  • Wagner tuning 122x
  • Öhlins 122x
  • BBS 122x
  • K & N 122x
  • Akrapovic 122x
  • Capristo 122x
  • H & R 122x
  • AEZ 122x
  • Sachs 122x
  • Pipercross 122x
  • Fox 122x
  • Forge Motorsport 122x
  • Super Sprint 122x
  • KW suspension 122x
  • Advanti 122x
  • Milltek Classic 122x
  • Bull x 122x
  • Brock 122x
  • Bilstein 122x
  • ATS 122x
  • Milltek Sport 122x
  • Autec 122x

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