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SKN has since its foundation can expand its market share in Germany, Europe and on the world market and on. However, this development would not have been possible if we had not found the right partners in Germany and abroad. Knowhow, brand awareness and market penetration grew steadily with each new partner. Our well-structured dealer network brings the SKN products now to the most remote regions of the world. Just as on the high quality of SKN products, you can rely on our partners.

We are working together for many years with highly experienced and well-known companies in the tuning or OEM / OEM market. The SKN Group forms a strong family. Service & flexibility are very important within the SKN Group. We efficiently utilize the synergies of our partners to be globally strong in the market. Its integration into the SKN family you secure today the benefits who decide in the growing competition. Take purchasing advantages, a modern & comprehensive dealer network, as well as the expertise of engine development and engine tuning.

German Chinese (Simplified) English French italian portuguese russian spanish