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SKN Bielefeld

We imagine.

Since 25.08.2008 is Daitronic partner of SKN Tuning GmbH. We offer our business and residential customers now pioneering engine optimization for motor vehicles, which are used to reduce fuel consumption (ECO Tuning) or Performance Optimizer (Power Tuning). The Daitronic history but offers even more exciting information.

The present company Daitronic Communications GmbH was on 1. Founded in December 1982 at Industriestraße in Bielefeld- Sennestadt on a office? äche of about 100 square meters. Initially, the company was called "DATRON communications equipment Vertriebs GmbH". Since the name "Datron" the trademark of another company injured, he was changed in 1989 "DAITRONIC". In the beginning, harmful products were supplied exclusively. The main clientele were emergency service, that is, cities and municipalities with their fire departments, emergency services and building yards, as well as organizations such as the THW, German Red Cross, JUH and many others. There were plans and builds small and medium fire stations.

With the advent of C network 1985 the wireless technologies developed at a phenomenal rate. The Daitronic Communications GmbH developed in line with, separated by large segments of the classic radio market and took in East Westphalia-Lippe with the manufacturer Siemens in C network a leading role. 1989 acquired an industrial building in the Dunlop street 45, which was large enough for the advanced divisions. With advent of the D-network over 90er years was from the former radio company a communications technology full-line: telephone systems, radio systems, mobile phones, mobile, fax machines, navigation, and more were now offered. The income was not generated by the sale of technical devices of communication technology, but by marketing with telephone contracts of all kinds, especially with mobile phone contracts.

The customer base consists in together from private customers, industry, trade and craft enterprises in Bielefeld and East Westphalia-Lippe. Lower sales in Mobile in the years 2001 and 2002 has led the company management to seek a greater customer proximity. From absolute suburban area in the Dunlop street 45 we shifted the location for Eckendorfer street 16. This ideal transport connection and even parking right outside the door came the customized counter optimal.

One of the essential components of our corporate philosophy is that only high quality products can be repaired technically in-house and sold. All delivered by the Daitronic Communications GmbH devices can be assembled and repaired in our own workshops. The development of solutions for our customers is paramount.

Through constant training of our employees, we strive to serve our customers well. Sales amounted to 2006 million euros a year 1,8. The goods performance is of course much greater because there are sold which are known to often come for 1 € by commission subsidized equipment. For the company Nokia, the Daitronic Communications GmbH maintains a Nokia Store and has the second highest status during service work, which is to get at Nokia in Germany.

For Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung and LG, we are also one of the major service centers in East Westphalia and beyond also contractors, the network operator T-Mobile, T-Com, Vodafone, E-Plus and O2. Through intensive collaboration with T-Mobile Germany, the company has reached a status in the "Business", the have only 19 other German companies in this industry. Of the sales figures forth the Daitronic Communications GmbH accepts despite their seat in one of the smallest cities in Germany a place in a very front. After extensive renovation, the new building was in the corner of Str. 63 19 on. June 2006 related. With an area of ​​about 800 square meters Daitronic operates Communications GmbH is one of the largest businesses of its kind in Germany and has also in Bielefeld itself to a fixed size. In 26 parking right outside the door, a stress-free trip is possible ..

"Huge crowd at 25. Anniversary Party "
On Saturday, 1. December the 25 Firmenjubiläumstag, invited the Daitronic Communications GmbH for brunch with the Bielefeld jazz band "Dr. Lippe force": Already early in the morning there was narrowness full of urge at the premises. By the afternoon, there were about 500 Visitors passed the Daitronic doors. Various booths manufacturers Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Nokia showed its latest device: In addition to a magician also the "Daitronic-Wheel of Fortune" attracted to visit to: The Bielefelderin Ababa Teferi cashed the grand prize, a Motorola cell phone "Moto Razr" worth 586 euros. For the pleasure of his party guests was catered for with a hot dog stand and a beer cart. The absolute highlight was the thank you offers from mobile phones and telephones to 25 years Daitronic anniversary. were sponsored this offer of T-Mobile and Vodafone.

Eberhard Teuber

Eberhard Teuber
managing Director

Karlheinz Brinkmann

Karl-Heinz Brinkmann

Dejan Kuzmanovic

Dejan Kuzmanovic

Daitro Installation & Service UG
Eckendorfer Street 63
33609 Bielefeld

Fon: + 49 521 9322124
Fax: + 49 521 9322199

Mo - Fr 10.00 - 18.30 pm
Sa 10.00 - 14.00 pm


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