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SKN Dresden

We imagine

On 21.09.2015 the SKN Chemnitz GmbH opened its doors. CEO Erik Günther studied automobile production at Chemnitz Technical University and has subsequently reacted together with a private investor's plans for independence in the act. The great passion for technology, engineering us especially automobiles combined with the goal of self-employment were the impetus for the foundation. The origin was the idea in the Requesting formulation of a professor for Powertrains:

"If you make it that a car with more power less consumed,
then you have the key to success. "

Challenge accepted! Because the products of SKN, in particular the Eco75 products is exactly possible. And the potential of these products is the opportunity that we see for us as a company, but especially for our customers. Saxony combines a long tradition in the automotive industry with skilled labor, high innovation capacity and high growth potential. Our roots are here in the region and want to set an example that you do not migrate to professional success.

Even before the official opening, we much positive reception from potential customers have received and start with a lot of energy in this versatile area of ​​responsibility. What particularly irritates us is the wide audience that we can address. And that we already have with SKN a renowned partner at our side who supported us during startup.

Erik Guenther

Erik Guenther
Managing director

SKN Tuning GmbH Chemnitz
Blank Str. 61
09111 Chemnitz

Fon: + 49 173 42369 61
Fax: + 49 371 651 182 90

Mon - Fri 08: 00 - 19: 00 Clock
Sat 09: 00 - 14: 00 Clock


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