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TÜV testing laboratory

TÜV emissions lab checks since 1995 SKN CHIP tuning

Since 1995 SKN makes the chip tuning data objects in the TÜV testing laboratory regularly check and thus confirm the MOT approval. Here, the emission behavior is not only tested (emissions, pollution - emissions, compliance with the EURO standards), but there are also performance, noise and speed - measurements performed.

In May 1995 TÜV Nord road along with laboratory confirmed vehicle technology (certified according to DIN EN 45001 from the Federal Motor Transport Authority) for the first time that were examined several vehicle types in different variants / versions in the laboratory. The vehicles were equipped with SKN Power Tuning and have passed all tests without any restrictions, without exception.

QUOTE: "All of us previously audited chip variants with their latest software version yielded positive results, that is, the exhaust - emission level of the standard vehicle was maintained at least."

German Chinese (Simplified) English French italian portuguese russian spanish